About Us

Baylis Medical is a world leader in the conception, development, production and distribution of state-of-the-art medical products that improve the lives of people around the world. We are committed to offering these products with exceptional customer service.

Our Values

To assist us in realizing our mission, Baylis Medical adheres to four core values:

Technological Leadership: We strive to be at the technological forefront in the conception, development, commercialization and production of medical devices.

Employee Development: We are committed to developing our employees so that they may reach their full potential in their field of expertise.

Customer Service: We strive to provide our customers with excellent, high-quality service and customer support. 

Corporate Social Responsibility: We participate in social and environmental initiatives aimed at improving the quality of life of people around the world.

Our Leadership

Board of Directors & Advisors

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Baylis Medical Company
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Executive Team

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Our History

Changing the delivery of care
Changing the delivery of care
Baylis Medical expands its solution offerings in precise transseptal access, with the aim of enabling cardiovascular therapies that save lives.

Innovation Highlights:

VersaCross Transseptal Solution: The world’s first all-in-one left-heart access device featuring an atraumatic RF-tipped pigtail wire. The device is designed to achieve left-heart access with controlled precision while reducing the number of exchanges by serving as an exchange wire once access has been achieved.

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ExpanSure Transseptal Dilation System:
Replaces the fixed-curve sheath and dilator for seamless advancement across the septum. Large sheath access is facilitated by a 29% larger dilation area for easy introduction into the left atrium.


2020: Baylis wins third Canada’s Best Managed Companies award, a program administered by Deloitte.
2020: Baylis wins the Employee Recommended Workplace designation, administered by the Globe and Mail and Morneau Shepell.
2010 - 2019
Impacting the lives of patients through innovation
Impacting the lives of patients through innovation
Baylis Medical expands its portfolio of cardiovascular devices that enable left-heart access. The company focuses on providing clinically relevant, innovative solutions to meet the evolving needs of patients.

Innovation Highlights:


PowerWire RF Guidewire: Introduced to cross chronic total occlusion in peripheral vascular structures.

RFP-100A RF Puncture Generator: Upgraded from the first RFP Generator to support new Baylis innovations and changes in the industry. The new RFP-100A further enhances precision for controlled puncture through custom RF settings and intelligent interface.

DuoMode™ Cable: Streamline the connection between your NRG® Transseptal Needle, mapping system, and the Baylis RF Puncture Generator.†

SupraCross RF System: Enables alternative transseptal access when the conventional approach is not favorable. Physicians from the Canadian Arrhythmia Network of Canada (CANet) assisted in the development of the device, ensuring its ability to meet patient needs.

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SureFlex Steerable Guiding Sheath: Features an advanced sheath-to-dilator transition designed for controlled crossing of the septum.

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Osteocool™ RF Ablation System: Developed in collaboration with Sunnybrook Hospital in Toronto, Canada, the Osteocool system is designed to ablate metastatic lesions in a vertebral body, intended for palliative treatment in spinal procedures. In 2015, the technology was acquired by Medtronic.

Clinical Milestones:

Clinical Benefits of the NRG Transseptal Needle: Randomized controlled trials in 2013 and cross-Canada trials in 2017 evaluated the efficacy of the NRG Transseptal Needle compared to mechanical alternatives.

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Cost-effective analysis for the NRG Transseptal Needle: A study completed by the University of California San Francisco (UCSF) and Baylis Medical shows cost savings per procedure when using the NRG Transseptal Needle compared to a mechanical transseptal needle.

Medical Education: In addition to supporting physicians with hands-on product workshops, Baylis coordinated with Siemens Healthineers to offer a first-of-its-kind training program for minimally invasive heart procedures. These training programs educated European and North American physicians on tools and techniques to access the heart from any approach.

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Growth, Recognition and Community Involvement:

Global expansion: Baylis opens offices in Boston, US (2013); London, UK (2014) and Munich, Germany (2016).

2011: Kris Shah (President) and Frank Baylis (Executive Chairman) are named Ernst & Young’s Quebec Health Sciences Entrepreneurs of the Year.
2016: Baylis Medical is honored by the Toronto Region Board of Trade with the Global Trade Award.
2018 & 2019: Baylis Medical is a recipient of Deloitte’s Canada’s Best Managed Companies award.

Opening of the Baylis Medical Student Garage: Baylis invests in the University of Waterloo’s new engineering facility in support of biomedical engineering students. The facility includes a dedicated space for students to work on their senior year projects.

Launch of the Gloria Baylis Entrance Scholarship: Baylis Medical supports the biomedical engineering community in 2019 by launching an entrance scholarship in partnership with the University of Waterloo, Canada.

† Consult your mapping system’s user manual for connectivity and configuration instructions prior to DuoMode™ Cable use.
2000 - 2009
Driving the rise of RF puncture
Driving the rise of RF puncture
Baylis builds off its existing RF technologies and develops the first major innovation in the field of cardiac transseptal puncture in over three decades: the NRG Transseptal Needle.

Innovation Highlights:


TorFlex™ Transseptal Guiding Sheath: The TorFlex sheath assists device function through smooth and controlled crossing.

Toronto Transseptal Catheter (TSC) and Toronto Transseptal Wire (TSW): The TSC and TSW are launched in Canada. They assist physicians in using RF energy to create a puncture in the atrial septum. The devices pave the way for future Baylis RF innovations.

NRG Transseptal Needle: The first major innovation in the field of cardiac transseptal puncture in over three decades. The first clinical case using the radiofrequency NRG Transseptal Needle was performed in 2008 by Dr. Bradley Knight in Chicago, US.


​​​​​​Pain Management: Baylis commercializes the world’s first computerized Pain Management RF Generator (the PMG-115) and cooled RF-platform, setting a new standard in chronic pain management. The company’s pain management portfolio was acquired by Kimberly Clark Healthcare division in 2009.

Community Involvement:

Supporting Education in Africa: In 2002, Baylis begins working with Free the Children to support education in South Africa and Kenya.
1990 - 1999
Baylis evolves from distributor to developer
Baylis evolves from distributor to developer

Baylis Medical collaborates with companies and physicians to develop, manufacture and launch propriety medical devices.

Innovation Highlights:

Nykanen RF Wire: Baylis’ first proprietary innovation was developed in collaboration with world-renowned physicians, Dr. Lee Benson and Dr. David Nykanen. The system was developed to create controlled perforations in delicate tissue and anatomy.

Growth & Recognition:

Awards: Baylis founder Gloria Baylis wins The Jackie Robinson Black Business Woman of the Year award in 1999.
1986 - 1989
Origin Story
Origin Story

Our founder

Nurse Gloria Baylis founded Baylis Medical Company in 1986, when faced with a patient dilemma. The patient, who was experiencing a life-threatening brain aneurysm, required a procedure using a speciality catheter for neuro-embolization, available in France. However, no Canadian distributor of the device existed, and importing the French device would not be possible without one. As a result, Baylis Medical was born. Gloria’s commitment to serving patients was the basis for the company’s mission: To improve the lives of people around the world with state-of-the-art medical devices.

Baylis Medical was later joined by Frank Baylis, Gloria’s son, to assist with the distribution of medical devices. Today, Frank Baylis serves as the company’s Executive Chairman. They were also joined by Kris Shah, who currently serves as President of Baylis Medical.