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Baylis Medical Launches Entrance Scholarship in Partnership with the University of Waterloo

September 24, 2018

TORONTO – SEPTEMBER 24, 2018 – Baylis Medical is partnering with the University of Waterloo Engineering program to establish the Gloria Baylis Entrance Award, in support of the learning and development of new engineering students.

Named after the company’s founder, the annual scholarship will offer financial assistance to a Year One engineering student on the basis of academic excellence and a demonstrated interest in entrepreneurship.

Baylis is also renewing its support of the Baylis Medical Capstone Design Award, given annually to students who demonstrate a biomedical focus in their senior year capstone project proposal.

“Baylis is proud to continue partnering with the University of Waterloo to further the development of engineers of the future,” said Kris Shah, President of Baylis and University of Waterloo alumnus. “We hope to inspire students to make an impact on their field of study and, by extension, the lives of people around the world.”

In addition, Baylis has invested in the university’s new Engineering 7 facility, opening this fall. The facility will feature the Baylis Medical Student Garage, which will provide biomedical engineering students a dedicated space to work on their senior year projects.
The Baylis Medical Student Garage at the University of Waterloo.
The Baylis Medical Student Garage at the University of Waterloo, opening in the fall of 2018.

“We are proud to partner with Baylis Medical, a world leader in state-of-the-art medical products with a keen interest in supporting the career development of our students,” said Pearl Sullivan, dean of the Faculty of Engineering at Waterloo. “Through their support in the Baylis Medical Capstone Design Award and the Gloria Baylis Entrance Award, our students are inspired and supported in their exploration of new possibilities in biomedical engineering.”

The Gloria Baylis Entrance Award is set to launch in time for the 2019 academic year. This is among the many contributions Baylis has made to the academic community.

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