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First UK Procedures With New Left Heart Access System Enable More Treatment Options

January 11, 2017

LONDON, UK, January 11, 2017—Baylis Medical’s SupraCross™ RF System was used for the first time in the United Kingdom to allow minimally invasive treatment of 2 patients suffering from symptomatic heart failure that would have otherwise faced open heart surgery.

Treatment of these heart failure patients often includes cardiac resynchronization therapy (CRT), however for a significant number of patients, the conventional implant technique fails. The only other option has historically been an open surgical procedure which carries additional risks and is not well tolerated by many of these patients. Placing the pacemaker leads into the left heart through the atrial septum offers an alternative minimally invasive approach, however this has been challenging without dedicated tools.

The SupraCross™ RF System is a novel solution for achieving transseptal access to the left side of the heart from alternative approaches. The first SupraCross™ RF System procedures have been performed by Dr. Paul R. Roberts, M.D., Consultant Cardiologist and Electrophysiologist at the Southampton General Hospital in Hampshire, England.

“The SupraCross™ System represents the first dedicated tool for a controlled and effective mechanism of crossing the atrial septum from this alternative approach.” said Dr. Roberts. “This technology represents a major step forward in providing more treatment options for patients that do not have suitable conventional venous anatomy or have not responded to the conventional technique. High risk patients can now avoid major cardiothoracic surgery yet still receive all the benefits of biventricular pacing.”

One of the two patients treated described the significance of this new approach and outcome of the therapy he received from his perspective: “I am delighted that this procedure has meant that I have not had to undergo a major cardiac surgical operation, and I’m already noticing a significant improvement in symptoms with less breathlessness and chest pain.”

The system, developed and manufactured by Baylis Medical in Ontario, Canada, has helped treat many patients in Canada and the United States. After recently receiving CE Mark approval, these 2 patients mark the first outside of North America to benefit from this technology.

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