® Access Solution

Transseptal Reimagined.

Fast track access-to-delivery with a single solution.

The only EXCHANGELESS* solution for access-to-delivery of left heart therapy devices.

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*VersaCross® RF Wire can be used, without exchanges, as a guidewire, as a transseptal puncture device or as an exchange rail for delivering therapy sheaths.

3 Solutions. 1 Device.

Eliminate exchanges

Left heart access using a single solution from start to finish.

Access with precision

Precision RF puncture technology to optimize transseptal location for any anatomy.

Secure effortless delivery

Instantly gain and maintain access without exchanges.

Know where you are at all times with OMNIviz™ Technology


Visualize your entire solution on fluoroscopy.


Reliably locate your devices on ultrasound to reduce reliance on fluoroscopy.


Track and mark RF tip position on your mapping system.

Select from two wire tip configurations and a range of tailor-built sheaths as part of your VersaCross® Solution.

Technical Specifications

VersaCross® RF Wire

Feature Specifications
Tip configurations J-Tip, Pigtail
Curve shape

9 mm (J-Tip), 24 mm (Pigtail)

Wire diameter 0.035"
Overall length 180 cm, 230 cm


VersaCross® Transseptal Sheath

Feature Specifications
French size 8.5F
Sheath usable length 63 cm, 81 cm
Sheath curves 45°, 55°, 90°
Dilator usable length 67 cm, 85 cm
Dilator curve D0, D1
Guidewire max outer diameter 0.035"
Guidewire length 180 cm


1. Choose Your VersaCross® RF Wire 2. Choose your sheath to complete your solution
J-Tip, Pigtail

VersaCross® RF Wire

RF wire length: 180 cm, 230 cm
Wire diameter: 0.035"
Curve diameter: 9mm (J-tip),
24 mm (Pigtail)
45°, 55°, 90°

VersaCross® Transseptal Sheath

French size compatibility: 8.5F
(2.84 mm)
Sheath usable length: 63 cm, 81 cm
Dilator usable length: 67 cm, 85 cm

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