SureFlex® Steerable Guiding Sheath

Feel Control. See Results.™

Experience controlled crossing, precise steering, and reliable performance in a bidirectional steerable sheath.

† Based on bench testing conducted at Baylis Medical Company Inc. R&D labs. Results may not be indicative of clinical performance.

A steerable sheath engineered to provide maximum control.

  • Controlled Crossing
  • Precise Steering
  • Reliable Performance

Controlled Crossing

Lower Crossing Force

A 27% lower peak crossing force, with a smoother profile.*

Smooth Transition

A 40% smoother dilator-to-sheath transition than the leading competitor.*

Radiopaque Tip

Visualize your location with the sheath and dilator radiopaque tips.

Precise Steering

TruGlide™ Handling

Responsive, smooth, high-precision steering to confidently position your curve.

Tactile Feedback

Intuitive tactile feedback allows you to feel the extent of your curve deflection.

Controlled Torque

Accurately position with a 1:1 torque response braided sheath.*

Reliable Performance

Consistent Contact Force

Maintains 100% of its initial contact force following fatigue testing. In the same conditions the leading competitor experiences 52% loss.*

Strong & Durable

High performance; greater durability than the leading competitor.*

Self-Locking Dial

Maintain your curve with a self-locking dial.

Read the Performance Study
Reliable and consistent hub-snap mechanism
‡ For the first articulation after fatigue testing, which comprised of 10 loaded bidirectional articulations (needle and dilator inside sheath).
* Based on bench testing conducted at Baylis Medical Company Inc. R&D labs. Results may not be indicative of clinical performance.

Technical Specifications

SureFlex® Steerable Guiding Sheath

Feature Specifications
French size compatibility 8.5F (2.8 mm)
Sheath usable length 72 cm, 63 cm
Sheath overall length 93 cm, 84 cm
Sheath radiopaque marker Platinum/iridium band
Dilator usable length 95 cm, 85 cm
Guidewire length 180 cm
Compatible guidewire 0.032” (0.81 mm)
Bidirectional curve angles 90° CCW, 180° CW

Ordering Information

Sheath Usable Length Distal Curve Diameter Product Code
72 cm Small (17 mm) TSK85-32-BD-71S
Medium (22 mm) TSK85-32-BD-71M
Large (50 mm) TSK85-32-BD-71L
63 cm Medium (22 mm) TSK0005
Large (50 mm) TSK0006

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