VersaCross Connect™

Access Solution for POLARSHEATH™

Zero Exchange POLARSHEATH Steerable Sheath delivery.
For use with POLARx™ Cryoablation System.

The VersaCross Connect Transseptal Dilator is for use with a 12F (4.04 mm) ID POLARSHEATH Steerable Sheath that is 68 cm in length, specifically, model M004CRBS3050 (US).

The VersaCross Connect Access Solution for POLARSHEATH connects VersaCross™ technology with POLARSHEATH Steerable Sheaths for ZERO EXCHANGE left heart access

Designed for use with the POLARSHEATH Steerable Sheath

Smooth Transition

Smooth transition between VersaCross Connect Dilator and POLARSHEATH Sheath.

Snap-lock Design

Snap-lock designed for POLARSHEATH Sheath.

TRUform™ Shapeable Technology

Dilator with true-to-form curve retention to optimize trajectory to the fossa.

Know where you are at all times with OMNIviz™ Technology

Reliably locate the VersaCross Connect solution on fluoroscopy and ultrasound. Positional markers indicate position of RF tip within dilator. Connect to DuoMode™ Cable to track and mark RF tip on mapping system.

Technical Specifications

VersaCross RF Wire

Feature Specifications
Tip configurations J-Tip, Pigtail
Curve shape

9 mm (J-Tip), 24 mm (Pigtail)

Wire diameter 0.035"
Overall length 180 cm

VersaCross Connect Transseptal Dilator

Feature Specifications
Outer diameter 12F (4.04 mm)
Inner diameter


Usable length 84 cm
Curve D1

Sheath Compatibility

The VersaCross Connect Transseptal Dilator is for use with a 12F (4.04 mm) ID POLARSHEATH Steerable Sheath that is 68 cm in length, specifically, Model M004CRBS3150 (US).

1. Choose your VersaCross RF Wire 2. Choose your dilator to complete your solution
J-Tip, Pigtail

VersaCross RF Wire

RF wire length: 180 cm
Wire diameter: 0.035"
Curve diameter: 9 mm (J-Tip),
24 mm (Pigtail)

VersaCross Connect Transseptal Dilator 
with TRUform Shapeable technology
Inner diameter: 0.035"
Outer diameter: 12F (4.04 mm)
Usable length: 84 cm

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