VersaCross® RF Transseptal Solution - Clinical Case Video

See the new VersaCross® RF Transseptal Solution in action with Dr. William Gray's challenging MitraClip™ case at Main Line Health


The new VersaCross® RF Transseptal Solution is an RF-wire based platform that allows you to fast track access-to-delivery with a single, exchangeless solution*. Watch here as Dr. Gray navigates the VersaCross RF wire around complex venous structures to start at the SVC, crosses the septum with RF puncture technology, and instantly deploys his pigtail wire without the need for exchanges.

Dr. Gray also highlights the first-ever shapeable, snap-fit dilator to optimize transseptal location. This TruForm™ Shapeable Technology allows for true-to-form curve retention to optimize trajectory onto the fossa and ensures a rotational lock between dilator and sheath to maintain curve alignment.

Eliminate Exchanges

Left heart access with a single solution; start at the SVC, puncture, and secure access without exchanges*

Access With Precision

Precision RF puncture technology to optimize transseptal location for any anatomy

Secure Effortless Delivery

Instantly gain and maintain access with a 0.035" sturdy exchange rail without the need for exchanges

Try the new VersaCross® RF Transseptal Solution for yourself, and experience transseptal reimagined! Learn more below and contact your local Baylis representative.

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* VersaCross RF Wire can be used, without exchanges, as a guidewire, as a transseptal puncture device or as an exchange rail for delivering therapy sheaths.

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