Nykanen RF Wire

Make the Impact of a Lifetime.

A radiofrequency puncture wire used to cross delicate anatomy.

† In the U.S.A. the Nykanen RF Wire is intended to cut and/or coagulate soft tissues

Make the impact of a lifetime.

The Nykanen RF Wire is used to create controlled perforations in soft and delicate tissue.

Create Controlled Punctures with:

RF Energy

Deliver radiofrequency energy with the 0.016” active tip.

Familiar Handling

Small 0.024” diameter, that handles like a guidewire.

Atraumatic Tip

Atraumatic tip designed to avoid mechanical perforation.

Flexible Wire

Flexible wire to pass through delicate anatomy.

Swift Exchange

Exchange quickly, with a free proximal end.

Exchange Length

Ample wire length for exchange of catheters or tertiary devices.*

* For example, the 145 cm ProTrack™ Microcatheter, can be loaded onto the 265 cm Nykanen RF wire.

Technical Specifications

Nykanen RF Wire

Feature Specifications
Body outer diameter 0.024” (0.65mm)
Overall length 265 cm
Active tip diameter 0.016”
Active tip length 1.5 mm
Recommended/compatible microcatheter CIC38-145 (ProTrack™ Microcatheter)
Compatible Generator Product Code
RFP-100A Generator* RFK-265
RFP-100 Generator** RFP-265

* Baylis Medical Company Radiofrequency Puncture Generator RFP-100A
** BMC Radiofrequency Puncture Generator RFP-100

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