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Upskill at Baylis Medical: Grow Your Careers with Us

December 16, 2021

At Baylis Medical, our commitment to the professional growth of employees means prioritizing their development through a strong suite of upskill programs and career diversification opportunities. Over the years, we are proud that this commitment has manifested in internal career opportunities for countless Baylis employees who have taken advantage of our development programming, from mentorship to stretch assignments.
Expanding our Professional Horizon, One Mentorship at a Time
Binyam Oda, Director of Manufacturing Site Operations at Baylis – who was recently promoted to the role after joining the company two years ago – was a recent participant in the Baylis Mentorship Program, paired with a senior-level sales leader.

The Baylis Mentorship Program provides opportunities for employees to learn through different perspectives or lived experiences. Mentors and mentees are carefully matched based on a mentor’s ability to support the mentee’s areas of professional development. While some mentees may want to improve soft skills such as people management or time management, others utilize mentorship conversations to refine ideas for potential projects.

The mentorship proved to be a successful experience for Binyam, who looked to expand his connections among the senior leadership team and gain helpful resources to support the transition into his new role. 

“As part of the program, I was able to gain a different leadership perspective,” says Binyam. “My mentor acted as a sounding board for new ideas or challenges, providing excellent suggestions to help me navigate my new role. With my mentor’s support, I was also able to develop a vision and path forward for success beyond my current role.”

Diversifying Careers Across Baylis 

Baylis offers diversification opportunities for employees who want to explore our dynamic organization and expand their knowledge of different areas of the business.

Joe O’Connor, Staff Process Engineer at Baylis, was seeking to develop his people leadership skills and diversify his day-to-day work. He was able to do so through a stretch assignment as a supervisor on Baylis’ manufacturing team.

“The Process Engineering team at Baylis works hand-in-hand with our on-site manufacturing team. Naturally, I was inclined to expand my experience in this area of the business through a hybrid role that allows me to develop my capabilities as an engineer and build new leadership skills,” says Joe. 
As part of the next phase in his development, Joe will participate in Baylis’ Leading with HEART in-house leadership development program, as he looks to prepare himself for leadership scenarios he may experience in the future.

“Throughout my time at Baylis, I have enjoyed phenomenal opportunities to try new things and add value to my development,” adds Joe. “Baylis has proven to be a fantastic place to grow my career.”

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