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Spotlight on Maliga Thangavalu

December 19, 2018

Get to know Maliga Thangavalu, our Production Team Leader for Cables!

Question: When did you join Baylis?
Answer: I have been with Baylis for 12 years. When I started, there were only eight of us in the soldering lab. Today there are 25 people in the lab where I started and 19 people on my own team.

Q: Where did you work and what was your role prior to joining Baylis?
A: Before Baylis, I was working for a different medical company that manufactured dental devices. I was a team leader managing about 16 people. Prior to that I also worked for an automotive company and was a team leader on the manufacturing line.

Q: What is your day-to-day role at Baylis?
A: Before everyone begins their tasks, I make sure my team is complete and that everyone is assigned a role so the soldering can be completed. I ensure we adhere to the schedule and that my team has everything they need to do their job. I make sure the departments who rely on us to do our job receive the products they need to do their job. My goal is to make sure we are producing devices of the highest quality.

I enjoy working with my coworkers and my teams because I know nothing would be possible without everyone’s collaboration and dedication to improving our processes.

Q: What is it about Baylis and its mandate that motivates you to come to work every day?
A: We have a great mission statement. When we think of output, we think about it in the terms of how many patients we’ll be helping with our devices. We always keep patients top-of-mind so that whenever a physician needs one of our devices to treat their patient, they have one on-hand.

Baylis also always provides training opportunities to make sure we’re comfortable with performing our job. Whether it’s leadership training or computer classes, Baylis works with us so we’re continuously developing personally and professionally.

Baylis strives to advance patient care and you feel good when you go home and know that you’ve helped contribute to that. I appreciate Kris Shah (Baylis President) and Frank Baylis’ (Baylis Chairman) growth mentality in the sense that they know we are capable of innovating and creating a new device.

I am very fortunate to work with so many intelligent and respectful individuals. Working at Baylis, colleagues truly feel like family. I am incredibly grateful for everyone on my team because they’re all wonderful to work with and really care about the work they put into the devices they create. We put 100 per cent of our effort into ensuring we’re providing physicians with high-quality devices.

Q: What do you do in your spare time?
A: Now that I’m a grandmother, I enjoy spending quality time with my granddaughter. Otherwise I’m likely playing badminton with my husband and our friends. Badminton and walking the family dog, Milo, helps keep me active.

Speed round:

  • Favourite colour? Green.

  • Favourite snack? Kit Kat.

  • If you could, in which store would you max out you credit card? I would spend it on a vacation. I love to travel. Last place I traveled to was Las Vegas.

  • What’s the last show you binge-watched? Friends. I’ll watch it on repeat – it’s the best comedy!

  • What is/would be your go-to karaoke song? I don’t sing karaoke, but if I’m the car, I’ll sing Just the Way You Are by Bruno Mars.

  • If you could go back in time to witness one event in the past, what would it be? When the Blue Jays won the World Series for the second year in a row, back in 1993.

  • What do you like on your pizza? Vegetables. Especially olives.

  • Favourite place in the world? Paris, France.

  • Who inspires you? Laura Conquergood (Baylis VP of Operations) and Kris Shah because they’re down to earth and humble.

  • What’s the best meal you’ve ever had? My daughter once brought us to a restaurant for Winterlicious (Toronto’s winter foodie event) and we had a really delicious four-course meal. I ordered the grilled salmon and it was very tasty!

  • Where is your dream destination? I would like to go to France or anywhere in Europe.

  • Secret talent no one knows about? I like to crochet.

  • What did you dream of becoming when you were a child? I wanted to be a teacher.

  • What gift, if any, have you re-gifted? Serving bowls.

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