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Preparing Baylis for Tomorrow: Spotlight on the Technical Buying Team

September 15, 2021

At Baylis, the Technical Buying team acts as a key interface between the Supply Chain department and our numerous Product Development teams. While the Product Development teams focus their efforts in the design, development and continuous improvement of the Baylis product portfolio, the Technical Buying team drives collaboration between Baylis and its suppliers to map-out the supply chain required to bring these products to market.

As the liaison between the supply chain team, suppliers and the development teams, the Technical Buying team uses its unique vantage point and STEM background to ensure Baylis-driven product innovation can reach as many patients as possible.

By working closely with the Product Development teams to understand the requirements of each product component at an early stage of the design, Technical Buyers Namali Dilbert and Blake Helka guide the supplier selection process to ensure those selected are capable of supporting Baylis in expanding its portfolio of meaningful clinical solutions without compromising on our technological leadership core value.
As the process of bringing a new medical device to the market proceeds, the design matures and the room for flexibility in the design narrows as shown above. Technical Buyers need to look at design opportunities at an early stage to provide their recommendations.

Below, they talk about how their team adds value to the organization and supports Baylis for the future. 
Blake’s portfolio entails looking for continuous improvement opportunities to optimize the supply chain of existing Baylis solutions so that physicians can continue to leverage our solutions to deliver life-changing therapies to patients. This involves engagement in sourcing strategies, supply negotiations and formalizing supply agreements.

Namali maps out new product supply chains to address Baylis’ future needs when it comes to advancing treatment options for patients: “It’s important that the procurement function reviews the design as early as possible in the design phase to ensure that there is no supply risk associated with the components as they are designed. The Technical Buying team acts as an internal service provider to our Product Development customers. Every project has its unique requirements which makes the work very interesting,” she adds.

Our Technical Buyers are committed to guiding supplier conversations to ensure Baylis devices can continue improving lives of patients around the world for years to come.

Our Technical Buying team is growing. Check out career opportunities here.

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