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Life at Baylis: Get to Know Darshana Patel, Production Supervisor

October 29, 2021

When Darshana Patel first joined Baylis Medical in 2007, she had no prior medical manufacturing experience but was determined to succeed as a Production team member. 

Medical device assembly is precision-based work that requires steady hands and exceptional measuring skills, making our Production team highly critical to the success of the company. 

Since joining Baylis, Darshana took part in the extensive training opportunities, that allowed her to shift between a variety of product lines that made her more confident in her skills as she quickly moved through the ranks. Her motivation? The ability to contribute to the patient care journey.

 “Whenever I hear stories about physicians performing a life-changing procedures using our technology and improving the quality of a patient’s life, I feel very blessed to contribute to such meaningful work,” says Darshana.  

By 2015, Darshana was promoted to Production Supervisor, handling line assembly of Baylis’ radiofrequency (RF) wires. Baylis provides many development opportunities to support employees embarking on their leadership journey for the first time. By participating in Baylis’ Front-Line Leadership course, Darshana learned the skills to help position her team for success. She also credits her supervisors for encouraging her to utilize the opportunities available.

Now supervising 14 team members, Darshana aspires to be the same mentor for new hires to the organization. 

“We understand that the key to the success of our Production team is providing daily opportunities to learn the ins and outs of our manufacturing processes,” she says. “We work closely with new team members to set them up for success, so that they can quickly contribute to serving patients.”


Binyam Oda, Director of Manufacturing Site Operations at Baylis, has seen Darshana’s consistent people leadership skills grow tremendously, leading him to nominate her for the Employee Development category of Baylis’ internal Core Value Awards.

“Darshana’s leadership over the last year has yielded amazing results in manufacturing some of our leading technology. She continues to inspire her team to get better every week,” he says.

With frequent upskill and internal career opportunities available in the Production team each day at Baylis is a learning experience, allowing Baylis Production employees to make a real-life impact in the delivery of patient care.

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