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Life at Baylis: Get to Know Aries Bugay, Process Engineering Technical Operator

June 09, 2021

Aries Bugay has always been drawn to companies who are “doing good for the world.” It’s the reason his past careers have involved research on parasites to help children overcome neglected topical diseases and working for one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in Southeast Asia. 

When Aries moved to Canada from the Philippines two years ago, he was eager to meet new people at a company that not only inspired him, but also provided opportunities for career growth. 

As he began his job search, Aries discussed his ideal workplace with his aunt, a Production Team Member at Baylis Medical. She was happy to refer him for a position, but made sure to tell Aries, “Please be good and work well; this is my forever job!”

After interviewing with Dennis Baker, Production Team Leader, for a role on the team, Aries could already tell why Baylis was his aunt’s life-long workplace. 

“As a newcomer to Canada, it can be difficult to find a job, but everyone was so welcoming. I immediately had a good feeling about Baylis, and my mind was put at ease,” Aries recalled. 

 During his first week at Baylis as a Production Team Member, Aries met employees from “every corner of the world.” 

“It was reassuring to be able to bond so quickly with many of my Baylis co-workers,” said Aries. I soon realized that my newcomer status wasn’t unique, but a shared experience among many of us who had been new to Canada at some point during our careers.” 

He went on to note that in the Philippines “interactions are dependent on your seniority, which makes for a lot of distance in the workplace. This isn’t the case at Baylis; everyone is very approachable at all levels, and they really have an interest in your career goals.”

As a Production Team Member, Aries was placed on one of Baylis’ busiest product lines, where he was part of a team who packaged devices in preparation for their shipment around the world. 

He loved the challenge of his Production role but was eager to “soak up all the knowledge he could get to advance his career at Baylis.” 

Less than a year into his Production role, Aries had the opportunity to move into his current position as Process Engineering Technical Operator, where he plays a key role in producing critical parts for the Process Engineering team. 

“Baylis is serious about its employees’ career advancement!” said Aries. “My manager, Dennis Baker, who has moved into a Technical Operator Supervisor role at Baylis, has provided exceptional support during my transition to my new role, and continues to be a strong mentor.” 

Aside from his day-to-day job responsibilities, Aries has also had the opportunity to experience Baylis’ strong focus on employee development. So far, he has taken part in comprehensive business training programs and learned about 3D printing and various continuous improvement models. 

“Everyone is so generous with their time at Baylis,” said Aries. “You’re given the knowledge and tools to succeed, regardless of your role.” 

Aries goes on to share a personal philosophy of his as he reflects on his career journey at Baylis: “When you save a life, it makes a dent in the universe … it’s a good thing, and I feel incredibly thankful to work at a company where I get to be part of such a powerful mission of improving patient lives.

“I’ve been chasing this kind of work.” 
Above, Aries wears a piña barong, traditional formal wear in the Philippines made from the fibers of pineapple leaves.

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