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Leading with HEART: Developing Tomorrow’s Baylis Leaders

May 26, 2021

Since its conception, Baylis has always focused on being a Learning Organization, one which actively develops its people. Leading with HEART, a leadership skills training program led by our Learning and Development team and launched by Adrijana Pizzuti, Manager, Learning and Development, illustrates the company’s dedication to both professional and personal development. 

The program values helping and supporting team members ready to embark on their leadership journey for the first time. Leadership qualities developed through the program are felt throughout the company from colleagues to customers, and strongly exemplifies what it means to be one of Canada’s Best Managed Companies! 

Leading with HEART session facilitated virtually by John Hanley, Sales Director, Canada
Leading with HEART session facilitated virtually by John Hanley, Sales Director, Canada
Baylis Core Values Tied into the Program
HEART, which stands for Honesty, Empathy, Accountability, Reliability and Trailblazing is indicative of the workplace culture ingrained at Baylis: “Everyone at Baylis works with the mentality of always looking for ways to improve and do our best. These values embody what the program works to instill in our leaders,” says Adrijana. 

Adrijana credits the company’s rapid growth and frequent internal career opportunities as the motivation behind starting the program, which launched a year ago. As more people promoted to leadership roles, it was imperative to develop a program to provide them the skills to position their team for success. 

In addition, the program’s Behavioural Interview core module ensures that Baylis leaders remain cognizant of unconscious biases when growing their teams and hiring external talent.  

Investing in People to be their Best
The program modules are spread in such a way that it quickly offers new leaders a foundation to build upon. Initially, it targets skills which are immediately required for a new leader and then gradually transitions to preparing them for all possible leadership scenarios.

It also equips new leaders with the tools and resources to have critical conversations in the workplace. 
Several members of the Baylis team from Vice Presidents to Team Leaders offer their expertise and mentorship through the program, to make sure the next set of leaders are ready for the challenges of tomorrow. 

Offering a Different Perspective 

Tasha Anglin, who was recently promoted to Accounting Team Lead, participated in the Leading with HEART program. “Through this program, we gained a lot of awareness about personality types, intrinsic vs extrinsic factors, things you would normally not think about as an individual contributor, but need to think about as a manager,” Tasha says. 

Overall, she says the program gives people a chance to not only think from a leader’s perspective but also from a business perspective when making critical decisions.

As workplace leadership challenges continue to evolve over time, the program constantly looks for ways to improve, revise and grow. 

The company culture at Baylis thrives on being a big family, one that is willing to uplift each other and grow together. “There is a lot of hunger to learn, to get better and to improve,” Adrijana says. Luckily, with a strong emphasis on employee learning and upskilling, there’s no shortage of learning opportunities here at Baylis.

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