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From Canadian Beginnings to a Global Workforce

July 03, 2019

As we celebrate this week’s Canada Day and Independence Day, we look back at Baylis’ trajectory from small Canadian distributor to today’s global workforce, working together to improve patient care.

Nurse Gloria Baylis’ passion for helping patients laid the foundation for Baylis Medical when she founded the company, then a distributor of medical devices, in 1986 in Montreal, Quebec. In 1995, her son Frank Baylis, now Chairman of the Baylis Board of Directors, and Kris Shah, now Baylis President, made the bold decision to transition Baylis from a distributor to a developer of medical devices.

During the late 2000’s, Baylis began specializing in the field of cardiac transseptal puncture. Along the way, capabilities from manufacturing all the way to sales were brought in-house, as Baylis worked to become a vertically integrated company.

“We are a Canadian company impacting the lives of patients globally,” said Robert Harrison, Director of Research and Development, Cardiology. “Having complete control of our supply chain and other corporate functions allows us to be more responsive to the changing needs of physicians and patients. Simultaneously, we are able to create opportunities for employment inside our community.”

The employment opportunities created by Baylis reach further than Montreal and Mississauga, where the company first opened offices. When Robert joined Baylis, the company was 45 employees strong. Today, Baylis operates out of several countries across the globe with a workforce of over 600. An essential element to Baylis’ growing global impact are the teams that operate outside of Canada.

“Each member of the Baylis Medical team, regardless of where they are in the world, is driven by the motivation to help others,” said Deb Douma, Vice President of Human Resources. “The U.S. team’s impact on patient care is especially significant. Their commitment to meeting patient needs and establishing relationships with leading physicians is evident in their rapid growth over the past few years.”

Creating a clinically relevant suite of devices requires strong working relationships with physicians, whose hands the devices ultimately make their way to. Designed with patients in mind, Baylis incorporates the expertise of physicians throughout a device’s development lifecycle. Their input provides invaluable insight to ensure the development of a device that truly makes a difference for patients.

That difference is at the very core of Baylis’ mission statement. The key to Baylis’ success is its dedication to helping improve the lives of people around the world — an ethos that Mrs. Baylis instilled in the company from the time Baylis Medical was born. Though much at Baylis has changed since the day Mrs. Baylis founded the company, putting patients first remains a constant priority.

“As a Canadian-based company, we are proud of the positive impact Baylis Medical devices have had on patients around the world,” says Kris Shah. “Our growth as a company comes down to the excellent collaboration between the teams in and out of Canada, and our shared focus on improving patient care.”

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