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Baylis Medical Invests in Canadian Bioelectronic Medical Company, Epineuron

July 07, 2020

Baylis Medical, a Canadian medical device company specializing in cardiology and spine, is pleased to announce that it has made a venture arm investment in Epineuron Technologies Inc., a bioelectronic medical company that provides therapy to support patients with peripheral nerve regeneration. 

The company made its initial investment in December 2019 and led the follow-up investment round that closed in March 2020. 

Baylis Executive Chairman Frank Baylis has also been recently appointed to Epineuron’s Board of Directors. 

“I’m honoured to join Epineuron’s Board of Directors and look forward to working with a group of professionals who embrace our core value of technological leadership,” said Frank. 

“With over 17.5 million nerve procedures performed annually around the world, and one million procedures in North America alone, Epineuron has the opportunity to join us in helping improve the lives of people around the world.” 

Many patients who experience a serious nerve injury struggle with simple daily tasks such as getting dressed or drinking a cup of coffee. Their option for treatment is limited to surgical repair, which often leaves them with permanent nerve damage. 

Epineuron uses electrical energy to boost the nerve’s natural biochemical properties to heal and repair itself when injured. 

Epineuron’s technology builds on a robust body of evidence that spans 20 years of research in mapping the biological mechanisms at play and in the coming years, aims to demonstrate the safety and efficacy of the unique treatment. 

The foundational work was pioneered by Dr. Tessa Gordon and clinically led by Dr. Ming Chan along with the support of a leading surgical team at the University of Alberta.

Baylis Medical specializes in energy-based technology, as a number of its devices read electrical signals. 

Epineuron will work with its board members and industry experts, including Baylis Medical, to continue product development and clinical validation. 

“Over the years, we’ve watched Baylis Medical grow and become a leader in the medical device industry. Working with a Canadian company that specializes in commercializing energy-based medical devices and also has a deep understanding of our business is invaluable,” said Sergio Aguirre, CEO at Epineuron.

“Having Kris Shah [President of Baylis Medical] and Frank Baylis on board allows us to make a greater impact in the medical device industry and get closer to our ultimate goal of providing a new standard of care for surgical patients.”  

Disclaimer: Epineuron’s technology referred to in this news release has not yet been cleared or approved by any regulatory authority such as US FDA or Health Canada.

About Baylis Medical 
Baylis Medical is a leader in the development and commercialization of innovative medical devices in the fields of cardiology and spine. Headquartered in Canada, and with offices world-wide, our clinical solutions have been Improving the Lives of People Around the World for over 30 years. For more information, visit and connect with us on TwitterLinkedIn and Instagram.

About Epineuron Technologies
Epineuron is a bioelectronic medicine company bringing a new standard of care for peripheral nerve repair and regeneration. The company is developing a suite of surgical solutions for repairing and treating peripheral nerve injuries with the mission of becoming the world leader in bioelectronic nerve care, starting with its neuroregenerative therapy. Epineuron’s lead product will be the world’s first commercial bioelectronic medicine used to accelerate regeneration of injured nerves and has been designated as a Breakthrough Device by the FDA. Visit for more information. 

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