Press Release

A Message on Equality

June 03, 2020

Like many of you, we have watched with concern the series of recent events occurring in the United States and echoing around the world.

Baylis Medical firmly rejects any and all forms of racial discrimination. As a company, we are built on a foundation of inclusivity, diversity and understanding. These traits are part of what makes us a strong and resilient team.

We fundamentally believe that these traits are the keys to achieving a truly equal society; a society free of biases based on race.

Eliminating racial bias is not only an individual task. It requires putting our collective energy towards being a force of good in the world. It requires understanding and acknowledging the challenges faced across this marginalized community, so that we can work together to drive positive change.

Baylis Medical is committed to actively working towards this change. Let’s work together to raise awareness and become stronger allies so that, together, we can achieve a better world.

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