Fluoro Reduction Case Observation

Reduce your reliance on fluoroscopy and advance your procedural skillset to enable zero or near-zero fluoroscopy procedures with instruction from expert faculty.

This program is designed to provide electrophysiologists with insights on critical skills to minimize fluoroscopy in the EP lab, from vascular access to transseptal puncture and ablation of complex left sided ablations. Learn how to safely integrate these techniques back into your own practice through observation of live cases, interactive didactic presentations and case reviews over a one or two-day program.
  • Understand how fluoroscopy reduction techniques can improve procedural workflow and efficiency while maintaining optimal patient outcomes
  • Learn techniques to better utilize intracardiac echo and electroanatomic mapping in order to safely and successfully overcome the most common perceived barriers to eliminating fluoroscopy from EP procedures
  • Review the latest tools for performing safe and controlled fluoroless transseptal puncture 
  • Gain insights on tips and tricks from an experienced operator as they walk through their step-by-step workflow for completely fluoroless ablations

The number of participants per program is limited to enable optimal one-on-one interaction with faculty.

When in-person live case observation is not feasible, this program may be carried out virtually. Inquire for more information.

This program is intended for practicing clinical electrophysiologists who have completed their fellowship training.
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By registering for an in-person program, you understand that while Baylis Medical encourages vaccination against COVID-19, we cannot guarantee that everyone in attendance will have been vaccinated. Baylis Medical events adhere to local regulations regarding COVID-19 which vary by jurisdiction.

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