ExpanSure™ Large Access Transseptal Dilator

Seamless Access in Large Sheath Cases™

Use in place of your traditional sheath and dilator to optimize tissue dilation.


The ExpanSure™ device facilitates smooth crossing and optimizes tissue dilation for easy introduction of large sheaths into the LA.

Seamless Access in Large Sheath Cases.™

Seamless Transition

Single device replaces fixed-curved sheath and dilator for seamless advancement across septum.

Enhanced Visibility

Radiopaque coil for visualizing the distal tip of the dilator during manipulation on echo or fluoro.

Control & Stability

Braided composite design provides stability and support during crossing.

Technical Specifications

ExpanSure™ Large Access Transseptal Dilator

Feature Specifications
Outer diameter 12.5F (4.17 mm)
Guidewire max outer diameter 0.035" (0.89 mm)
Usable length 67 cm, 85 cm
Compatible needle length 71 cm, 89 cm
Packaged with 0.032 outer diameter, 180 cm length guidewire

Ordering Information

Usable Length Product Code
67 cm ESD125-35-67-70-N
85 cm ESD125-35-85-70-N

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