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The Baylis Annual General Meeting Fuels its Culture of Learning

June 18, 2019

​​​​​​Every year, Baylis Medical employees gather for the company’s Annual General Meeting (AGM), to celebrate the collective successes of employees, and the part they play in the company’s mission to Improve the Lives of People Around the World.

This year’s theme – Building on the Best – was chosen not only to highlight past successes, but to fuel the culture of learning already present at Baylis; a culture born from Baylis’s founder, Gloria Baylis, who championed the importance of continued personal growth and development, and was a life-long learner herself.

Deborah Douma, Baylis Vice President of Human Resources, emphasized the importance of continued growth: “Since the world is changing so fast, we have no choice but to continuously learn, in order to continue making an impact.”

The Building on the Best theme asked employees: How can you learn from past experiences? What can we do to build on individual and team strengths, in order to maximize our ability to serve patient needs? To answer these questions, the day featured a series of talks dedicated to personal development.

In one talk, special guest Dr. Peter Leong-Sit, an Electrophysiologist in London, Ontario, was invited to illustrate to employees the impact of Baylis devices in the lives of patients. In addition to educating employees on the importance of always working towards solutions to fill unmet clinical needs, Dr. Leong-Sit’s talk re-kindled employees’ “why,” for coming into work every day.

“There will always be days when we get so caught up in the tasks and deadlines at hand. We get so focused on what test results to get and what standards to meet, that we can forget the bigger picture. Patient stories, like the one delivered this year, help re-connect the dots and remind us why we do what we do,” said Cynthia Xin Jin, Quality Engineering Associate at Baylis.
Also part of the AGM was the “Baylis Academy,” a Baylis-themed tradeshow with a collection of departmental booths, designed to promote cross-functional learning.

“Understanding what each department does on a more granular level helps us appreciate each’s contribution to the entire process leading up to the launch of a new device. This appreciation can lead into a whole new sense of community,” said Saiyyada Rizvi, Employee Experience Specialist at Baylis.
​​​Baylis Product Specialist, Saad Asif, added: “It’s always good to reflect on things you do well. The sessions and Academy not only provided a structured way to think about your contribution to the company, but also provided ways to improve yourself, not only for the sake of your own career goals, but for the patient.”

The Academy managed to successfully stimulate discussion between employees. In Baylis President Kris Shah’s perspective, this is what the AGM is all about – employees coming together to connect outside of work, free t​​o build relationships with one-another, thereby creating a stronger Baylis community.

“At Baylis, we offer a work environment that breeds community,” said Kris Shah. “It is for this reason that our AGM holds so much importance. We believe that all Baylis employees should celebrate the success of their peers, so that we can continue to grow and learn from each other. When one employee wins, Baylis wins in its ability to improve patient care. With this in mind, we thank Baylis employees for their contributions in standing by our mission and improving patient lives.”

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