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Spotlight on Doran Avivi

April 25, 2019

Get to know Doran Avivi, a Research and Development Engineer on our Anchor Orthopedics team!

Question: When did you join Baylis?
Answer: I joined Baylis on May 16, 2016. It was a warm, sunny day.

Q: Where did you work and what was your role prior to joining Baylis?
A: I was hired by Baylis soon after completing my MESc in Biomedical Engineering at Western University. My thesis project involved designing a medical device so I knew that I wanted to work in the medical technology industry, which led me to apply to Baylis Medical.

Q: What is your day-to-day role at Baylis?
A: I am a R&D (research and development) engineer on the Anchor Orthopedics team. I work with the quality and supply chain teams to continually improve the design and manufacturing processes of the Anchor product line. Our efforts work towards increasing the effectiveness with which we can deliver treatment to our patients, and improve our overall production efficiency.

Q: What is it about Baylis and its mandate that motivates you to come to work every day?
A: The people and our mission statement.

I work with many talented individuals who go above and beyond our mission statement and their respective roles in Baylis. Yes, we produce innovative medical devices that work to improve the lives of people around the world, but our impact goes far beyond that. Through our company charity, For The Children, and by participating in events and initiatives, such as the Ride for Heart, we are able to help global and local communities as well.

Q: What do you do in your spare time?
A: I am involved with many extra-curricular activities, such as rock climbing and the Baylis Buskers. I am also involved with several non-profit organizations, including a ski school and a respiratory therapists group. I have been involved with volunteering activities since high school, and have continued to make giving back to the community a priority since.

When I’m not volunteering, I’m going out with my friends, spending time outdoors and working on my personal engineering DIY projects that involve anything from 3D printing to building cabins.

Speed round:

Favourite colour? Red.
Favourite snack? LaraBar Coconut Cream Bars.
If you could, in which store would you max out your credit card? MEC® Mountain Equipment Co-op.
What’s the last show you binge-watched? The Good Place, on NBC and Netflix.
If you could go back in time to witness one event in the past, what would it be? Dinosaurs! More specifically, to check out the Tyrannosaurus Rex.
What do you like on your pizza? Marinara sauce, cheese, mushrooms, onions and black olives, on a thin crust.
Favourite place in the world? Easter Island off the Pacific coast of Chile.
What’s the best meal you’ve ever had? Kris Shah (Baylis Medical President) recently gifted us cookbooks, which I conveniently used to make some amazing chocolate covered coconut squares. They were very delicious! Apart from that, I also especially enjoyed the passion fruit ice cream that I had once in Mexico. I do eat regular, wholesome meals too, but nothing special comes to mind.
Where is your dream destination? Yosemite National Park.
Secret talent no one knows about? I can sail. I learned to sail during a vacation in Mexico, and got my official skipping certificate through the Harbourfront Sailing Club.

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