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Selling with Heart: Get to Know the Canadian Sales Team at Baylis

December 19, 2019

While we have a strong team of four people dedicated to taking our carefully designed devices and putting them in the hands of physicians across Canada, it’s not often that we showcase the important work that they do every day at Baylis. 

Everyone on the Canadian Sales Team has incredibly diverse career backgrounds, but their drive, transferable skills and belief in the devices they sell have allowed them all to thrive in their respective roles at Baylis. 

John Hanley, Director of Sales, Canada, joined Baylis less than a year ago and brings a wealth of experience and industry connections to the team, having worked in management positions for a number of global medical companies.

What ultimately drew John to Baylis was the fact that it’s a Canadian success story with a strong reputation for innovation. 

“Baylis is an all-encompassing company with an increasing breadth of devices that facilitate the delivery of life-changing medical therapies. We are a very well-respected company that customers and hospital administration consider a major partner of their cardiac care team,” he said. 

Roxanne Abgral, Sales Representative for Eastern Canada, holds a degree in medical imaging. She worked as a medical imaging technician at a Montreal pediatric hospital for eight years, and while she loved her job, she was always interested in what a job in sales would be like. 

“I’m happy to say, I’ve never looked back. Sales has been a perfect fit for my personality!” she said. “At Baylis, success in my role is not only due to me. There are plenty of people behind it. We have a fantastic team, great colleagues, a great manager, and the list goes on. Everyone is so committed and works hand in hand so wonderfully, it really makes it a pleasure to go out there every day and show off Baylis devices!” 

Pranav Pandya, Sales Representative for Central Canada, has global medical sales experience across India and Dubai, and had a brief stint in sales at a telecommunications company before beginning his career at Baylis almost two years ago. 

“It has been quite the amazing journey working at Baylis, thanks to its vibrant culture and focus on new and innovative technologies,” he shared. “It’s remarkable that Baylis has grown from a local distribution company to a global leader in cardiac access. As a Baylis representative, I always feel privileged to go into the field and demonstrate our devices to physicians, which work to improve the lives of people around the world.”

With an education in biomechanical engineering, Joel Couture-Tremblay, Sales Representative for Western Canada, began his career at Baylis as a Research and Development engineer, and switched gears to join the sales team six months ago.

“Although I’m fascinated by the development process of medical devices, I realized I wanted to be more involved with the business side of the medical device industry,” said Joel. “I saw a role in sales as an opportunity to be in the field and have more of a direct influence on the way patients are being treated.” 

“I’ve only been in the role for a few months, and I’ve already seen how the impact of Baylis’ products has grown since I started as an engineer,” he added. “The word is spreading, and with novel devices like the VersaCross®Transseptal Solution reaching physicians, the cardiology community no longer sees Baylis as a needle company, but rather a specialized multi-solution transseptal access company.” 

The Canadian sales team has seen many successes over the past year, including the first Canadian cardiac procedure performed using the VersaCross® Transseptal Solution

“It’s exciting to see the growth of Baylis products in Canada,” said Thomas Chavez, Vice President of Global Sales – Cardiology. “In particular, early product launches have been very successful as we work with key opinion leaders across the country. 

“Forming meaningful relationships with key opinion leaders is critical to our success, as they provide us with their expertise and input on new technology. This way, we can ensure that our devices meet the needs of their patients.”

With the launch of several new products and a focus on continued medical education for physicians across Canada on the horizon, the sales team will be kept busy into the new year. 

“It’s a huge privilege to work with such dynamic individuals,” said John. “I want to thank my team for bringing their best efforts to work every day and all of the accomplishments that we’ve achieved together; the future is bright for the Canadian Sales Team!”  

The team also recognizes that everyone at Baylis plays an integral role in the long road between conceptualization of a device and getting it into the hands of physicians. 

“One of the great things about Baylis is the ability to collaborate across the organization,” said John. “The strong focus and attention to detail really speaks volumes about the integrity of Baylis employees.”

“I want to thank everyone at Baylis for supporting the Sales Team in their work every day. It makes us proud that we can all work together as a team and share our successes. We’re excited to see what the future holds for Baylis and what we can continue to accomplish together!” 
From left to right, John Hanley, Director of Sales, Canada, Roxanne Abgral, Sales Representative for Eastern Canada, Pranav Pandya, Sales Representative for Central Canada and Joel Couture-Tremblay, Sales Representative for Western Canada. 

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