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Life at Baylis: Fulfilling Careers and Improving Patient Lives

Oktober 29, 2020

At Baylis Medical, our employees’ career progression stories are as diverse as the job opportunities centered around our mission of improving patient lives. 

From roles in production and manufacturing, to project management, engineering and marketing, our strong culture of learning and development empowers employees to develop a strong skill set for fulfilling career growth at Baylis. 

Saleem Abubacker, who completed extensive research in Osteoarthritis and joint tribology throughout his graduate studies, was drawn to Baylis after seeking more purpose-driven work with a direct patient impact. 

“Baylis kept popping up throughout my job search,” recalled Saleem. “Their mission of improving lives of people around the world deeply resonated with me and was something I wanted to be a part of.” 

It ended up being a small world for Saleem, as one of his former lab mates put him in touch with his friend who worked at Baylis, David Rees. David, Senior Research and Development Engineer at Baylis, talked highly about the Baylis culture and got him in contact with the hiring team.

“The power of networking is really important,” said Saleem. “I am so fortunate that I was able to begin my career at Baylis as a Research and Development Engineer and work with so many great mentors along the way to further develop my skill set.” 

Two of Saleem’s early mentors were Gareth Davies, Director, Research and Development at Baylis and Eduardo Moriyama, Research and Development Manager, Cardiology Product Development at Baylis. 

“Everyone was incredibly welcoming when I started at Baylis,” said Saleem. “Gareth and Ed really helped me hone my project management skills and gave me opportunities to work with departments across the organization to better understand the business.”  

Fast forward three years later, and Saleem has held four different positions at Baylis, and was recently promoted to Senior Project Manager, Cardiology Product Development. 

“It’s a really exciting time to be part of the Project Management Office (PMO) at Baylis,” said Saleem. “The department was formed less than two years ago, so there’s a lot of opportunities to implement new tools and processes to better equip teams to manage their projects.” 

The Project Management Office was primarily developed to harness Baylis’ growth and provide employees with more development opportunities, something Manuel Paulien, Director of Project Management and Saleem’s manager, is particularly passionate about. 

“What really sets Baylis apart in the MedTech industry is the ability for employees to move vertically in their careers,” Manuel said. 

“Working in a high-tech medical device industry, our employees require a unique and specialized skill set. Just as we build our devices in-house, we are able to build our employees’ skills and product knowledge,” he added. “It’s so rewarding as a manager to see how employees like Saleem can use the transferable skills they’ve developed at Baylis to move into different roles at the organization.”

In Saleem’s case, he’s had the opportunity to leverage his strong analytical and research skills, and further develop his communication and relationship-building skills as part of the Project Management team. 

While his typical workday varies, Saleem’s current role involves project planning, risk management and effectively communicating with teams across the organization to complete projects successfully. 

When asked for his favourite part of working at Baylis, Saleem said the highlight is collaborating with talented people to help improve patient lives. 

“When there’s any issues that comes up, all departments come together to help solve the problem,” said Saleem. “That kind of comradery and cross-functional collaboration really drives the work I do and makes it easy to love my job.”

“Baylis and Biomedical Engineering has combined my passion for science, engineering and medicine. And at the end of the day, it’s so rewarding that I’ve been able to develop in a career at Baylis that puts patients first.” 

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