™ Large Access Solution

Access, Dilate and Deliver large therapy sheaths

with a single, exchangeless solution.


Use the exchangeless 3-in-1 RF wire and seamless dilator for optimized delivery of large therapy sheaths.

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Optimized Tissue Dilation May Be Required For:

Left Atrial Appendage Closure

Cryoballoon Ablation

Mitral Valve Repair

Dilate and Deliver  Large Therapy Sheaths

Seamless Transition

Single, seamless dilator for sleek advancement into left atrium.

29% Larger Dilation Area

Larger dilation at the femoral vein and septum to deliver therapy sheath with ease.

TRUform™ Shapeable Technology

Dilator with true-to-form curve retention to optimize trajectory to the fossa.

3 Solutions.  1 Device.

Eliminate Exchanges

Left heart access using a single solution from start to finish.

Access with Precision

Precision RF puncture technology to optimize transseptal location for any anatomy.

Secure Effortless Delivery

Instantly gain and maintain access without exchanges.

Technical Specifications

VersaCross™ RF Wire

Feature Specifications
Tip configurations J-Tip, Pigtail
Curve shape

9 mm (J-Tip), 24 mm (Pigtail)

Wire diameter 0.035"
Overall length 180 cm, 230 cm


VersaCross™ Large Access Transseptal Dilator

Feature Specifications
Outer diameter 12.5 F (4.17 mm)
Inner diameter


Usable length 67 cm, 85 cm
Curve D0, D1


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J-Tip, Pigtail

VersaCross™ RF Wire

RF wire length: 180 cm, 230 cm
Wire diameter: 0.035"
Curve diameter: 9 mm (J-Tip),
24 mm (Pigtail)

VersaCross™ Large Access Transseptal Dilator with TRUform™ Shapeable Technology
Inner Diameter: 0.035"
Outer Diameter: 12.5 F
Usable Length: 67 cm, 85 cm

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