NRG RF Transseptal Kit

Take Control of Your Crossing.™

The standard for left heart access, in one convenient kit.

Devices designed to work flawlessly together. Optimize transseptal location to save time; deliver therapy on target.1,2

The kit includes the NRG Transseptal Needle, TorFlex™ Transseptal Guiding Sheath, and optional ProTrack™ Pigtail Wire.

1 Target

Position Easily

Atraumatic NRG Transseptal Needle allows you to fine tune your position on the septum.

Visualize Needle Tip

Radiopaque NRG Transseptal Needle tip allows visualization during your procedure.

Controlled Torque

Control torque transmission with the TorFlex™ Transseptal Guiding Sheaths’ special braid design.

2 Cross

RF Puncture

Cross normal, aneurysmal, and fibrotic septa with a short, focused RF pulse from the NRG Transseptal Needle.3,4

Smooth Transition

Facilitate smooth septum crossing with the TorFlex™ Transseptal Guiding Sheaths’ smooth dilator-sheath profile.

Visualize Sheath Tip

Visualize tip location with the TorFlex™ Transseptal Guiding Sheaths’ radiopaque band.

3 Access

Instantly Anchor

Introduce devices into the LA more quickly.5 Simply deploy the pigtail wire for instantly anchored access into the left atrium.

Exchange Sheaths

Facilitate large sheath exchange with the ProTrack™ Pigtail Wire’s stiff, stainless steel body.

Flexible Cushion

Cushion gently against the left atrial wall with the ProTrack™ Pigtail Wire’s flexible, atraumatic tip.


Technical Specifications

NRG™ Transseptal Needle

Feature Specifications
Needle curve C0, C1
Needle length 71 cm
Proximal gauge 18 ga
Distal gauge 21 ga

TorFlex™ Transseptal Guiding Sheath

Feature Specifications
Sheath curves 45°, 55°, 90°
French size compatibility 8.5F (2.84 mm)
Sheath usable length 63 cm
Dilator usable length 67 cm

Optional ProTrack™ Pigtail Wire

Feature Specifications
Wire diameter 0.025”
Overall length 175 cm, 230 cm

Ordering Information

RFP-100A Generator*

Needle Curve C0 RFP-100A Generator*
Needle Curve Sheath Curve Pigtail Wire
Product Code
Curve C0 45° 230 cm NTK-710-8545
175 cm NTK-710-8545S
No pigtail wire NTK-710-8545N
55° 230 cm NTK-710-8555
175 cm NTK-710-8555S
Needle Curve C1 RFP-100A Generator*
Needle Curve Sheath Curve Pigtail Wire
Product Code
Curve C1 45° 230 cm NTK-711-8545
175 cm NTK-711-8545S
No pigtail wire NTK-711-8545N
55° 230 cm NTK-711-8555
* Baylis Medical Company Radiofrequency Puncture Generator RFP-100A

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