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First Canadian Cardiac Procedure Performed Using the All-in-One VersaCross™ Transseptal Solution

November 14, 2019

TORONTO, NOVEMBER 14, 2019 – Baylis Medical announced today the successful first Canadian cardiac procedure performed using the VersaCross™ Transseptal Solution. The VersaCross solution is the world’s first all-in-one left-heart access device featuring an atraumatic RF-tipped pigtail wire.

The puncture wire features Baylis’ signature RF puncture technology, which facilitates smooth and precise transseptal procedures. The device is designed to achieve left-heart access with controlled precision, while reducing the number of exchanges throughout the procedure by serving as an exchange wire once access is achieved. The VersaCross solution also includes the first shapeable sheath and dilator, further enabling cardiologists to achieve transseptal punctures at the optimal location on the septum.

The first Canadian procedure was a Watchman™ left-atrial appendage closure (LAAC) performed by Dr. Jacqueline Saw, an internationally-respected Interventional Cardiologist at Vancouver General Hospital, in Vancouver, Canada.

“LAACs require highly precise and reliable transseptal access, without which the procedure time may increase as we work to gain left-atrial access,” said Dr. Saw. “The VersaCross solution is a practice changer. The combination of puncture device and exchange rail allows us to deliver the therapy with more efficiency. It allows for smooth and precise transseptal access and excellent transition into the left atrium.”

The VersaCross solution has a sturdy 0.035” exchange rail, eliminating the need for additional devices to achieve reliable delivery of large sheaths. It facilitates efficient transseptal procedures by reducing the overall number of device exchanges.

“Our aim with the VersaCross solution is to bring efficiencies to transseptal procedures, to further assist physicians in providing patient care,” said Robert Harrison, Director of Research and Development, Cardiology, at Baylis Medical. “By combining the versality of a wire with the precision of our RF puncture technology, the VersaCross solution is a true embodiment of the Baylis mandate to provide physicians with meaningful advancements in transseptal access.”

The VersaCross solution is also available in a J-tip wire and can be paired with a range of sheaths tailored to individual needs. The device is expected to commercially launch early 2020.

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