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Cardiology: brochures

RF Puncture System
PDF, (720.65 KB)
Last updated: 2017-01-12
ProTrack™ Pigtail Wire
PDF, (280.43 KB)
Last updated: 2013-06-22
NRG® Transseptal Needle
English Version
PDF, (1.76 MB)
Last updated: 2018-01-10
ProTrack™ Microcatheter
English Version
PDF, (194.04 KB)
Last updated: 2013-06-15
TorFlex™ Transseptal Guiding Sheath
PDF, (1.66 MB)
Last updated: 2017-09-13
DuoMode Cable (E)
PDF, (1.04 MB)
Last updated: 2016-01-07
NRG® RF Transseptal Kit
PDF, (3.13 MB)
Last updated: 2017-09-13
SupraCross® RF Solution
PDF, (2.46 MB)
Last updated: 2017-10-02
NRG® RF Transseptal Kit (NPTW)
PDF, (1.75 MB)
Last updated: 2017-10-31
Clinical Analysis of RF Transseptal Puncture
PDF, (703.89 KB)
Last updated: 2017-11-17
Economic Analysis of RF Transseptal Puncture
PDF, (546.43 KB)
Last updated: 2017-11-20
SureFlex® Steerable Guiding Sheath
PDF, (3.75 MB)
Last updated: 2018-01-08

Cardiology: peer review publications

Summary: Physician-controlled costs: the choice of equipment used for atrial fibrillation ablation
Authors: Roger A. Winkle & R. Hardwin Mead & Gregory Engel & Melissa H. Kong & Rob A. Patrawala
PDF, (140.71 KB)
Last updated: 2013-07-26
Publication: Radiofrequency applications in congenital heart disease
Authors: Veldtman, Gruschen R; Hartley, Amanda; Visram, Naheed; Benson, Lee N Expert Review of Cardiovascular Therapyce, Volume 2, Number ...
Last updated: 2012-04-26
Publication: Future of interventional cardiology in pediatrics.
Authors: Levi, Daniel S. MD; Alejos, Juan C. MD; Moore, John W. MD, MPH Current Opinion in Cardiology. ...
Last updated: 2013-09-20
Publication: Unusual interventional management in an adult with tetralogy of Fallot
Authors:Tony Abdel-Massih, Younes Boudjemline and Philipp Bonhoeffer Department of Pediatric Cardiology, Hôpital Necker-Enfants Malades, Paris, France
Last updated: 2012-04-25
Site-Specific Transseptal Puncture for Emerging Structural Heart Interventions
Authors: Michael J. Rinaldi, MD, FACC, FSCAI; Markus Scherer, MD, FACC, FSCCT; William Downey, MD, FACC, FSCAI; AND ...
PDF, (489.15 KB)
Last updated: 2016-02-18
Simplified Method for Insertion of Steerable Guide into the Left Atrium Using a Pigtail Guide Wire During the  MitraClip® Procedure: A Technical Tip
Authors: Stefan Buchner, M.D., Ansgar Dreher, M.D., Markus Resch, M.D., Christian Schach, M.D., Christoph Birner, M.D., and Andreas Luchner, ...
PDF, (438.34 KB)
Last updated: 2016-07-05
Randomized Trial of Conventional Transseptal Needle  Versus Radiofrequency Energy Needle Puncture for Left  Atrial Access (the TRAVERSE –LA Study)
Authors: Jonathan C. Hsu, Nitish Badhwar, Edward P. Gerstenfeld, Randall J. Lee, Mala C. Mandyam, Thomas A. Dewland, Kourtney ...
PDF, (112.29 KB)
Last updated: 2016-03-22
Accuracy and Procedural Characteristics of Standard  Needle Compared with Radiofrequency Needle  Transseptal Puncture for Structural Heart Interventions
Authors: Gaurav Sharma MD, Gagan D. Singh MD, Thomas W. Smith MD, Dali Fan MD, Reginald I. Low MD ...
PDF, (140.21 KB)
Last updated: 2016-03-22
The use of a radio frequency needle improves the safety and efficacy of transseptal puncture for atrial   fibrillation ablation
Authors: Roger A. Winkle, MD, FHERS, R. Hardwin Mead, MD, FHRS, Gregory Engel, MD, Rob A. Patrawala, MD
PDF, (124.31 KB)
Last updated: 2016-06-09
Prospective comparison between conventional transseptal puncture and transseptal needle puncture with radio frequency energy
Authors: Stéphane Fromentin, Jean-François Sarrazin, Jean Champagne, Isabelle Nault, François Philippon, Franck Molin, Louis Blier, Gilles O’Hara
PDF, (87.76 KB)
Last updated: 2016-06-09
Radiofrequency Perforation and Conventional  Needle Percutaneous Transseptal Left Heart Access:  PathologicalFeatures
Authors: Gruschen R. Veldtman,¹ Gregory J. Wilson,¹ MD, Alejandro Peirone,¹ MD, Amanda Hartley,² Marvin Estrada,¹ Gunnar Norgard,¹ MD, PhD, ...
PDF, (276.22 KB)
Last updated: 2016-07-05
Superior Torque Matters: A Comparison of Transseptal Guiding Sheaths
Authors: Leung L, PhD, Rees DJ, MASc, Oldham L, BASc.
PDF, (504.79 KB)
Last updated: 2017-11-13

Endovascular: brochures

RFP-100A RF Puncture Generator
PDF, (1.60 MB)
Last updated: 2016-12-12
PowerWire™ RF Guidewire
PDF, (1.58 MB)
Last updated: 2015-09-22

Endovascular: peer review publications

Publication: Successful Recanalization of a Longstanding Right Common Iliac Artery Occlusion with a Radiofrequency Guidewire
Authors: Tapping C.R. et al., Cardiovasc Intervent Radiol. 2011 Dec 16
Last updated: 2013-09-20
Publication: Radiofrequency thermal wire is a useful adjunct to treat chronic central venous occlusions
Authors: Mark Iafrati, MD, RVT, Stephen Maloney, MD, Neil Halin, DO Journal of Vascular Surgery, Volume 55, Issue 2, ...
Last updated: 2013-09-20
Publication: Successful Recanalization of Bile Duct Occlusion with a Radiofrequency Puncture Wire Technique
Authors: Marcelo Guimaraes, MD, Andre Uflacker, MS4, Claudio Schonholz, MD, Renan Uflacker, MD Journal of Vascular and Interventional Radiology, ...
Last updated: 2013-09-20
Publication: Successful Recanalization of a Longstanding Complete Left Subclavian Vein Occlusion by Radiofrequency Perforation with Use of a Radiofrequency Guide Wire
Authors: Mark O. Baerlocher, MD, Murray R. Asch, MD, FRCPC, Andy Myers, MD, FRCPC Journal of Vascular and Interventional ...
Last updated: 2013-09-20
Publication: Recanalization of Systemic Venous Baffles by Radiofrequency Perforation and Stent Implantation
Authors: Anita W. Asgar MD, Joaquim Mirò MD, Reda Ibrahim MD Article first published online: 25 SEP 2007. DOI: ...
Last updated: 2013-09-20